Healy & Juravich: Last Christmas on the Place

A compelling song about the human costs of job loss and recession from folk duo Healy & Juravich [download]

For Immediate Release:
December 19, 2008

Healy and Juravich launch new single Last Christmas On The Place

This year, the holiday season takes on new meaning for many. In their compelling new song, Last Christmas on the Place, Tom Juravich and Teresa Healy sing about the harsh reality of shattered dreams.

"We’re surrounded by all these sugary, Christmas messages” says Tom.  “But, this is going to be a really, hard holiday for millions of people. Everyone’s trying to make it okay – getting ready for winter, decorating for the holidays– but  for so many families this is the last Christmas in their home. Where are they going to go? What are they going to do? I just had to write about it.”  Tom is visibly shaken by the news today of even more plant closures. “The factories keep closing. Mills are shut-down and communities are bracing for the crisis that‘s beginning to hit everywhere.”

“We need to talk about the suffering that’s happening privately in so many homes”, says Teresa. “Laid-off workers worked really hard and they are not to blame for what’s happening.  How are we going to get these jobs back?  How are we going to find the path towards an economy that serves the needs of the people and not the other way around? ”

Healy & Juravich wrote Last Christmas on the Place for a benefit concert for the local food bank in early December.  They decided to record it right away and got in touch with their musical collaborator and friend, James Stephens. As the snow fell on  the hemlock trees outside his Chelsea, Quebec studio, and the hardwood burned in the woodstove, the three musicians worked quickly arranging and recording. The song is now available for free download on their website. “We hope people will download it, copy it and share it with family and friends over the holidays”, they say. “Maybe we should take the message to our politicians as well!”

Irish-Canadian Teresa Healy, and Massachusetts son of a factory worker, Tom Juravich, have been singing about the lives and hopes of communities under fire for many years. Inspired by the rich traditions of Irish and North American folk music, singer-songwriters and labour activists Healy & Juravich released their CD, "Tangled In Our Dreams" in 2006. “Tangled” www.teresahealy.ca/tangled is an acoustic recording of mostly original duets about work, peace, struggle and love, and is above all, a vocal album.  Together, Healy’s crystal clear, Irish-influenced alto combines with Juravich’s rich, resonant baritone, to weave a colourful tapestry of stunning harmonies.  Juravich’s recent “Altar of the Bottom Line”  is a roots-rocking musical release painting intimate portraits of the everyday struggles and dreams of workers (http://www.tomjuravich.com).

"I was impressed by [Tom's] wide variety of material and frankly, jealous of [his] wonderful voice."
Pete Seeger

"[Tom's] songs smell to me like thread, cloth, factory machine oil, social justice and creative genius."
Edward Clark, Almagamated Clothing Workers Union

“Teresa shows a keen eye for the everyday.”
David Francey, 3x Juno award winning songwriter

Healy & Juravich
Launch of "Last Christmas On The Place"
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